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goggle fan
-12 volt brush less fan for pc's(available at radio shack)
-9 VT connector(also available at radio shack)
-9 vt.battery
-duct or electrical tape
-couple inches of wiring
- on off button(available at radio shack)
Take the fan and solder the wiring to the wires connecting to it(make sure to have the same colored wires touching or it might run backwards).Attach the 9 Vt. battery to the 9 Vt. connector.(DO NOT SOLDER!)Attach the on/off switch to the other end off the extra wiring.dont solder yet . Attach the connector's wires to the push button too. Click the button. It should start running now. If it is running, solder  all 4 of the wires attached to the on/off switch. If not check the connections and make sure all the same colored wires are attached to the on/off switch and the fan's extra wires. Now duct tape your battery to the ear side of the mask. The wires should lead to the push button duct tape that down but still have it so you can still push the button. I have the fan attached to the part where your mouth is(there should be enough extra room there). I used those little wire ties that are on bread to hold the fan to the mask. I also cut a 1 inch area of foam out of the nose part so more air can circulate up near the goggle part, but I wouldn't recommend this because if you cut too much it wont fit on your face