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    You would think for paying under $100 for the marker that it would be your basic cheap semi auto marker. But it's definately not!     
    The PMI piranha is very user friendly.The marker can be broken down in a matter of seconds One of the best features of this marker is the field strip pin. This thing works miracles!If it chops a ball it can be quickly cleaned out on the field unlike some markers that require undoing screws. By pulling the field strip pin out of the side of the marker, the bolt, hammer, spring, and dialer fall out the back of the marker in one piece.
    The piranha is a high quality, low cost, blowback semi with great looking cosmetics. It looks glossy and you can buy them specially anodized if you want.
    The piranha comes with the same format of internals and barrel as the kingman spyders, giving it lots of aftermarket upgrade parts. It's grip comes with two screw holes in it to allow for easy addition of a bottom line. It has a power feed and a 9' stock barrel. I was amazed to find out how short and light the trigger pull was. It could be a little better, but it is more than you would expect from a stock trigger. I could get a pretty good rate of fire going with it. Fast enough to chop balls. I would strongly reccomend a revolution loader for this gun. This gun is definately up to par with the spyder compact.
    The piranha has a nice light feel to it. It is definately something to be envied by the other low price, high quality gun manufacturers and should start some price wars.