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paintball mine
-2 pvc pipe caps that fit on the pipe
-12 gram CO2 cartrige
-thick, six inch long pvc pipe
-needle able to puncture the 12 gram CO2 cartrige
- small tubing
- drill and drill bits
-small weight heavy enough to puncture the cartridge with the needle
-paint fill
Attach the needle into the dowel.Drill holes in the top of one of the caps so the paint will spray in all directions .in the middle of that cap put a hole just big enough for the dowel to slide in and out of.  attach the cap that has no holes in it and drill a hole big enough but not all the way through the cap but deeply enough that the cartridge can be tightly put into the little slot. Make sure the dowel is in line with the cartridge so it will puncture . Put the tubing into the holes in about 3 inch lengths and epoxy glue them in so the tubes will twist and squirm like crazy when the dowl punctures the cartridge spraying paint everywhere. Now put a weight on top of the dowel and have a stick suporting it up and a string across a string attached to it and to two trees and the mine somewhere near that so when the person walks and pulls the string the stick will fall and so will the dowel on top of the mine setting it off.Put a large bead of apoxy on the dowel part inside the mine so it wont blast up into the air.  Bury the mine up to the holes to hide it better
It would look something like this:
     ____                                                   | |
     |___| -- weight                                    | | --- tree
        |   \ -- stick                                        | |
        |    \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~~~~~ | |
____|__\_                                \
|         |        |--mine                     \string wrapped around the stick and put on tree
|         |        |
| cartr|idge |  
|      _ |_      |
|__ |_ _|__ |