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Materials    NOTE-this will not work on barrels with muzzle break

-3/4 inch pvc pipe about 2 feet long
-1 1/4 inch pvc pipe about  a foot long long
-drill with drill bit that makes holes about the size of a pencil
-steel wool pads

Stick the 3/4 inch pvc onto your barrel and slide it all the way back. Mark the point where the pvc is past the end of your barrel . Drill lots of holes from that poitn to the end of the pvc. Put the holes all over the big pvc too. Stick the little pvc into the big pvc. Stick the steel wool so it fits loosely, not too tight, into the space between the two pipes. Now duct tape the two pipes together at the ends, making sure that the little pvc is sticking out about an inch from the big pvc and the big pvc is at the point where it is right at the end of the barrel. It should look something like this:

                   |    steel wool             |
                 ______________ |_________________ |_____
    main barrel                  |    pvc  barrel             |
                 ______________ |_________________ |_____
                   |              steel wool       |