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- a nut( the kind that screw onto bolts)
This ones simple.  If you want a squeegie that cleans your barrel perfectly in one try, i suggest that you just go spend 10 bucks on one. Cut the sponge in squares or circles that are about 1 and a half times bigger than your barrel to provide a tight fit. Poke holes in the sponge just big enough to put the string through.Tye one end of the string a knot around the bolt. Tye the other end in several knots around itself untill its big enough so the sponges wont slide off the end. Drop the end with the nut down into the barrel and pull it out through the barrel. You can even clean your barrel without taking it off by taking off the hopper, make sure theres not a ball in the chamber and drop it down into the elbow and then down through the barrel and pull it through