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Many people ask the question of what barrel is the best, or the quietest, most accurate, etc.
     Most barrels aren't accurate just by them selves.So what does make a barrel accurate? The most important is having a good paint to barrel match. The ball should not move around in the barrel by itself. You should be able to blow the paintball out of the barrel easily. What makes the barrel quiet? Porting. Porting lets small amounts of air escape before it reaches the end of the barrel and produces a smaller "pop" of gas. The ports do not make the barrel more accurate. Ported barrels are usually less gas efficient than regular barrels. Which barrel is the best? No one barrel is "better" than another. It  depends what you want out of the barrel. If you want a quiet barrel go with ported. If you want a efficient barrel get a solid barrel. But the most important thing to do is to have a good paint to barrel match. Buy boxes of 200 of each kind of paintball and test which one works best through your barrel.