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Don't stay in the same place for very long. Move around when you can and try to surprise the enemy
Copyright 2000 Ronn Stern

Don't take long shots.This will only give up your position and you have a slim chance of scoring a hit and even if you do hit them it will likely bounce

Don't just give up.Unless you are the last person left on your team you can still be a distraction if you have no balls or air.This is especially for capture the flag , because you can still capture the flag.

Don't stick your head up over a bunker.By doing this you reveal a larger area of your body.Lean out to the side and pop up in different places each time.

Try not to be in the same bunker as a teammate.This reduces mobility.

Wear dark clothing when in the woods.It is harder to see you.

Have a teammate bunker an opponent.While the person is hiding , circle around and shoot them from the side.This is one of the best strategies I have used before.

Run laterally to someone and shoot while you run.It is very hard to hit someone while they are running, that is if you don't know about the next strategy...

When someone is running laterally to you shoot a stream of balls so that they will run into them.Dont try to follow them with your shots as this almost never works.

Sent in by Matt....

last week my team and I played a game against some over rated newbies from another team near us and we used an interesting tactic. I ran out to the middle of the field noticing where the other team was hiding and promptly started screaming, "I'M A CLEVER DECOY" and started putting out paint like it was going out of style at there hiding spots, meanwhile the rest of my team was going up the flanks for a good shot and then I heard "1,2,3" from my co Capt. and the rest of my team let loose on them and the game was over in 5 mins.