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Sniper tips
Sniper necessities:
Good paint to barrel match
Ghuilie suit helps but is not really necessary to be a sniper
Quiet gun helps
Get a goggleskin to reduce reflections off your goggles


Wait for the right moment! Take a shot only if you know you can hit the person

Be Patient. Pick a spot and stay there. If you need to move make sure no one sees you. Crawl or move when noone is around.

Have a quiet gun. If you have a quiet gun and you miss a shot, the enemy wont immediatly pick out your location. Usually snipers will use ported barrels like the smart parts all-american or tear drop barrel to reduce noise.

No, you don't need a pump gun. This isn't a necesity like some people think. If you are discovered and get into a fire fight against a semi, you're dead meat. If you are using a semi and miss, you can get a quick follow up shot and probably get a hit before they have a chance to respond to the first shot. I've found that sniping using 3 shot bursts is very effective.

See a fire fight? Sneak up behind the enemy while they are distracted.

Get some thin shelled, easy break paintballs. I prefer smart paint. You don't want to risk a bounce if you are only taking one shot. This thin shelled paint is awesome at shooting long distances and you will get a break instead of a bounce since the ball loses some velocity and most
paints will bounce.