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Games to play
ASSAULT variant

two teams, plus a small 'nasty bastard' group. nasty bastards set up inside a bunker/barn/building/whatever, other teams start on either side. teams must get inside bunker, retrieve object and bring it back to base. nasty bastards shoot at *anyone and everyone*!!! -->more aggressive variant of above: once object is retrieved, it must be taken to *enemies* base.

limited paint

This game is played by limiting the amount of paint that each player can have. Simple huh?


One team is the terrorists, the other the secret service. The terrorist must kill the president before he escapes to a pre set point usually at the terrorists starting point.

Capture the flag

Two teams each have a flag located at their starting point.The first team to capture the others flag and place it next to their flag is the winner

Center flag

The flag is place in the center of the field. The first team to bring it back to their starting point wins


A team of hunters is sent to find the prey and shoot it. The prey is one person all by his/her self. To make the game more fair, there should be a time limit. If time runs out, the prey wins


Two teams of any size fight each other. The team which eliminates all the other people on the other team wins

Free for all

No teams.Last man standing wins

Primitive Arms

Every person can only carry loaders and cannot have a hopper. The ball must be loaded manually into the elbow one at a time

Hill to Hill

to play this you have to have two big hills next to each other.  you place a flag on the top of both and play.  you have to advance by going up hill.  No sneeking around

Black Jack

Requirements: Two flag stations Two even teams Two flags hung in opponents flag station Each player only gets 21 balls
Duration: 30 min
Rules: Players cant share paintballs Players who shoot all paintballs must leave game all common rules apply
Objective: get their flag and return it to your base


One team starts off in a big fortified bunker with a lot of ammo and cannot leave for the whole round and the other team starts off around bunker. The aim is to to capture the bunker by getting into to it or killing all the opponents and the defenders need to kill all the attackers. Use a minimum range of about 5 metres (about 5 yards).

Peter Pan
In this game there are up to 20 people hung on cables by a harness over a tree. There are people holding the other ends of the cable who pull the cable taught and let some slack go causing the players to swing to and fro. The point of the game is for the swinging players to shoot all the others being the last one left. Once a player is shot the person holding at the bottom lets him down gently.

Know any more games? send them to make sure to put "game" in the subject line